Influence of Taheri Consciousness Bond Field on the Alkaline Reaction of Concrete

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Bahareh Kazazi
Mohammad Ali Taheri


Concrete, Taheri Consciousness Fields, Consciousness Bond Field, Alkaline reaction


Some natural aggregates used in concrete contain activated silica and react with the alkalis in the concrete, the product of which is an expansion gel that eventually destroys the concrete. The aim of this study was to investigate the effects of the Consciousness Bond Field on concrete. Consciousness Bond Field is one of many Taheri Consciousness Field (TCFs) that were founded and introduced by Mohammad Ali Taheri as new Fields. These Fields are neither matter nor energy; therefore, they do not possess a quantity, but they have direct effects on both matter and energy. In other words, although TCFs cannot be directly measured, we can investigate their effects indirectly through various reproducible experiments. To achieve the goal of this study, alkaline reaction stimulus aggregate was selected, and the aggregate and cement reactivity was tested. Three series of cement mortar were prepared under the ASTM C1260 standard. Tow series were subjected to the TCF, and one series was considered the control. The reactivity of concrete increased ( 5%) under the influence of the Consciousness Bond Field.

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