Introduction of Biological Dark Energy: Experimental Evidence of the Information Transfer under the Influence of Taheri Consciousness Fields and Investigate the Effects of the Fields on the Properties / Behavior of Water and Biological Cell

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Mohammad Ali Taheri
Firouz Payervand
Farzad Ahmadkhanlou
Sara Torabi
Farid Semsarha


Information, Entropy, Taheri Consciousness Fields, Biological Dark Energy


The effects of Taheri Consciousness Fields (TCFs) on living organisms and non-living materials have been investigated. Since there is no physical intervention in applying TCFs, the findings suggested that the information transmitted from the Cosmic Consciousness Network is crucial in affecting the subjects under the study. The authors performed two experimental studies prior to this research. In the first experiment, the pH of pure water decreased significantly under the influence of TCFs. In the second experiment, the effect of TCFs on the Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) production in the human HEK 293 cell line was investigated. It was found that the treated cells were able to generate a much greater amount of ATP compared to the control. This energy was released within a short period of TCF treatment (one hour) without sufficient glucose as the predominant fuel for cells. This study discusses the effects of TCFs by calculating the amount of information exchanged in the previous two experiments. According to Taheri, receiving information from TCFs requires a mental body. In other words, the behavior of water, and the human cell line alters under the influence of these fields because of receiving information from their mental body. Moreover, the shortage of time and resources to produce ATP in the TCFs treated cell strongly suggests that regardless of biological pathways, there is an alternative way to increase ATP in the immediate time, which is associated with an increase in information and a decrease in entropy of the system. This kind of energy is introduced and named the "Biological Dark Energy" by Taheri.

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