Investigation of the Influence of Taheri Consciousness Fields on the pH of Pure Water in the Vicinity of Air

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Mohammad Ali Taheri
Firouz Payervand
Farzad Ahmadkhanlou
Sara Torabi
Farid Semsarha


Mind of Matter, Taheri Consciousness Fields, Water pH, Entropy, Gibbs Free Energy, Enthalpy


Various T-Consciousness Fields (TCFs) have been introduced by Mohammad Ali Taheri, and the effects of these fields have been studied in various experiments on living and non-living beings. The mental body in the matter, according to Taheri's theory, has already been discussed in the study of the behavior of matter under the influence of these fields. In the present study, changes in pH and temperature of pure water under the influence of three different TCFs have been investigated. Given that the environmental conditions and materials used in the test are the same for the control and the samples in this study, it is generally expected that all samples behave similarly in terms of the pH and temperature of the solution. However, the results were different and based on this, the necessary thermodynamic calculations were performed for better comparison. The results of this experiment, in addition to confirming the distinct effects of the TCFs, showed that: (1) the applications of the TCFs have caused states with less entropy in the system under the influence of TCFs; (2) Due to the small difference between the enthalpy of the control and the samples under the influence of the TCFs, the energy did not appear as heat. Hence, it seems that the application of TCFs on the matter and its interaction with the mind of matter have caused the matter to be transferred from one mental state to another, and thus, issuing a behavior appropriate to its new mental state causes new proportional behavior: the energy that can be shared by the system under the influence of TCFs is less than control and an amount that cannot be turned into mass.


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