The Journal of Cosmointel is honored to announce the release of its 12th issue available in both Farsi and English language. In this issue, Cosmointel researchers have engaged in the design and implementation of a comprehensive set of studies where they established microgravity conditions in laboratory settings by creating standard conditions in the field of aerospace sciences. Utilizing precise and global tools in this domain, these studies were conducted on various living organisms, such as human natural and cancerous cells, Escherichia coli bacteria, yeast, wheat plants in the early stages of growth, and materials (pure iron atoms). In these experiments, the effectiveness of T-Consciousness under microgravity conditions was meticulously and repetitively examined compared to control conditions. The results of these experiments not only confirm the entirely independent and distinct nature of these fields from the recognized physical force of gravity but also indicate that TCFs enhance the vitality and survival of cells under microgravity stress. Moreover, they bring the behavior of microorganisms and even the properties of materials closer to conditions under Earth's normal gravity. These observations substantiate the adaptability of information indices and the formation of a novel state under microgravity conditions, enabling the possibility of survival.