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All material and intellectual rights, including the results of experiments, articles, and publications in the field of T-Consciousness studies, theories and theoretical articles, special issues and editorials, data, statistics, graphs, and all images, including innovative images and journal covers, concepts and foundations, terminology, translations, and other contents, belong to the “Scientific Journal of Cosmointel” and “Interuniversal Press” founded and owned by “Mohammad Ali Taheri.” Any scientific, literary, and artistic plagiarism, republication, or modification of the contents and images without written permission, and any misuse, will be prosecuted by law.


  • The contents and subjects on this website, including writings, images, videos, logos, covers, etc., are protected by international treaties and copyright laws.
  • The full ownership of both the material and intellectual property of the “Scientific Journal of Cosmointel” belongs to Mohammad Ali Taheri, its founder and originator, who oversees and manages it comprehensively.
  • Any plagiarism, appropriation, or failure to comply with international copyright laws, misuse of data and contents available in the “Scientific Journal of Cosmointel” for republication, trading, implementation of any form of commercial exploitation and advertising, and various financial, scientific, artistic, cultural, etc., misuses will be strongly legally pursued.
  • Articles, research papers, publications, special issues, foundations and theories, research data, images, terminologies, etc., in the “Scientific Journal of Cosmointel” are published cohesively and comprehensively. Republishing, tampering, creating alterations and re-publication, and misuse of excerpts or sections of all contents, particularly publishing those sections without proper citations and references under any title, manipulating and integrating them with other contents for any purpose, is scientifically unethical and subject to legal action.
  • The use of articles, research papers, and all publications of the “Scientific Journal of Cosmointel,” as well as all the contents from the mentioned website, for republication on websites, blogs, personal and public social media pages, as well as printing and distributing the contents, etc., for any purpose, without prior permission from the “Scientific Journal of Cosmointel,” is legally actionable.
  • Without prior written permission from the “Scientific Journal of Cosmointel,” the following actions are strictly prohibited: attributing any contents from the “Scientific Journal of Cosmointel,” to oneself or others other than the original owner; use without providing full citations and references; republishing; uploading; transmitting any data, sending, distributing, displaying, or broadcasting in any way for the public instead of sending the links from the journal's website itself; altering data along with imposing personal, scientific, educational, etc., preferences.
  • Republication of images, figures, diagrams, graphs, tables, journal covers, and any images included in all sections of the “Scientific Journal of Cosmointel” without obtaining written permission is subject to legal action.



  • For unlawful purposes
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  • For violating domestic and international regulations
  • For violating the intellectual property rights of the website and other individuals' intellectual property rights
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  • For any unpleasant and unethical intent or purpose
  • For interfering with security services

The “Scientific Journal of Cosmointel” reserves the right to terminate access and usage by individuals who violate the above-mentioned conditions.


  • Credibility and reliability in conducting scientific research: The “Scientific Journal of Cosmointel” adheres to all ethical standards for publishing research in T-Consciousness Fields and consistently verifies the quality, validity, and accuracy of the presented results.
  • Conducting Scientific Experiments: All scientific experiments in the field of T-Consciousness adhere to necessary laboratory standards, and their results are reproducible. From the perspective of researchers in this field, the results of these experiments are considered definitive and proven, validating theories of T-Consciousness Fields. The duty of researchers in the field of T-Consciousness and the “Scientific Journal of Cosmointel” is solely to introduce and present the scientific results obtained from these studies so that all those interested in novel research are informed. It is the responsibility of the scientific community to engage with and scrutinize these studies and their results should they have an interest in this field. It is worth mentioning that this scientific research forum is evolving in all fields of science.
  • The Nature of the Research Subject: The statistics and figures resulting from experiments in the field of T-Consciousness serve as evidence. Although the nature of T-Consciousness Fields is entirely unknown to the scientific world, and there is no expertise on this matter in scientific circles, at this stage, such expertise is not necessary. This is because proving T-Consciousness currently requires attention to the statistics and figures of its experiments, which are accurately presented in all studies and require no further elaboration.
  • Objective Standards: The study and evaluation of research must be done objectively and clearly. Therefore, criticisms and personal biases toward the authors and founders of theories and research in the T-Consciousness Fields, as well as the group of researchers of the “Scientific Journal of Cosmointel,” have no place. Consequently, esteemed readers, if they have any criticisms or objections regarding the conducted research, are required to submit their viewpoints to the “Scientific Journal of Cosmointel,” in writing, accompanied by valid scientific reasoning and arguments.


  • All names, emails, and information entered on the “Scientific Journal of Cosmointel,” website are used solely for the stated purposes and will not be accessible to any other person, entity, or organization.
  • Personal information of website visitors who leave comments or contact the center via email is always kept confidential.
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  • When leaving a comment, cookies may be stored to retain the name, email address, and website of the visitor for convenience, so they will not have to fill in their details again.
  • To ensure privacy, no individual, whether from the research team or website visitors, has the right to inquire about the affiliations and professional statuses of the authors. Each author is required to provide their affiliations and professional statuses to the “Scientific Journal of Cosmointel,” according to scientific ethics, in any style or context they prefer.

Respected readers and interested parties, by continuing to use the website and scientific research services of the “Scientific Journal of Cosmointel,” you demonstrate your acceptance of the above-mentioned terms and conditions.

The “Scientific Journal of Cosmointel,” reserves the right to modify and update the aforementioned provisions at any time and to any extent. The policies of the “Scientific Journal of Cosmointel” are regularly updated.

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