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Ethical Considerations

- Credibility and reliability of scientific research: the Cosmointel Journal considers all ethical standards for publishing studies in T-Consciousness Fields and is always committed to confirming the quality, credibility, and accuracy of the presented results.

- Scientific experiments: All scientific experiments in T-Consciousness studies are carried out in accordance with all required laboratory standards, and their results are reproducible. From the perspective of the researchers in this field, the results of the experiments are considered conclusive and proven, confirming the theories of T-Consciousness Fields. The task of the research teams in T-Consciousness Fields and the Journal of Cosmointel is merely to introduce and to present the scientific results of their studies to inform all those interested in the new research areas. It is the responsibility of the world of science to enter this field, if interested, to investigate these studies and their results. However, these studies are about going through and continuing their evolutionary path in all different disciplines of science.

- The nature of the subject under the study: Although the nature of T-Consciousness Fields is completely unknown to the world of science, it should be noted that the figures and statistics obtained from the experiments in T-Consciousness studies can demonstrate its existence. In this regard, there are no reviewers in scientific circles yet; however, at this point, the approval of such an expert is not even required because the proof of this field is currently in need of statistics and research-based figures, all well-presented in conducted research, and no other factors.

- Objective standards: The research reviews should ensure clarity and accuracy. Therefore, there is no place for any biased criticism or personal preferences towards the authors, the founder of the theory of T-Consciousness Fields, and the Cosmointel research teams. If the respected readers have any criticism or objections to the research studies, they are expected to submit their written reviews to the Journal by providing justified scientific evidence and arguments.

Prohibition of using the website and its contents in the following cases:

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The Journal of Cosmointel reserves the right to terminate the access of users based on the violation of the above items.

Privacy Statement

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  • Personal information of visitors who post comments on the website or contact the center by email is always reserved.
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  • In case of leaving a comment, the website visitors may opt-in to saving their names and email addresses by cookies so that they do not have to fill in those details again for another comment.
  • In order to preserve privacy, no individual, whether in the research team or visitors, has the right to interfere with the affiliations and professional statuses of the authors. Each author is expected to share an affiliation or their professional status in the Journal according to academic ethics, and in their preferred styles.

Copyright Statement (Intellectual Property Rights)

  • The material and intellectual property of this website and the entirety of studies in T-Consciousness Fields belong to the Scientific Journal of Cosmointel.
  • The Website’s content and entries, including articles, photographs, videos, audios, logos, etc., are protected by copyright law under international treaties.
  • The material and intellectual property of the Cosmointel Journal belongs to Mohammad Ali Taheri, the founder of the Theory of T-Consciousness Fields, and the Journal is under his comprehensive supervision and management.
  • Any plagiarism, piracy, international copyright law infringement, and misuse of data contained in this Journal for publishing or trading, and implementing any business plan, advertising, financial, scientific, and other abuses will be strictly prosecuted.
  • Any use of articles and studies, including their publications on other websites or personal pages, without obtaining prior permission from the Cosmointel Journal can be prosecuted. Without obtaining written permission from the Journal, the following acts are strictly prohibited: distribution without citing the reference, republishing, uploading, transferring any data from the Journal's website, sharing, transmitting, or showing them to the public on any other platforms instead of the Journal itself, distorting the data by implementing personal or scientific preferences in re-sharing.
  • Articles, studies, and entries published under the title of Cosmointel Journal are published seamlessly and thoroughly. Misusing a part or sections of articles, especially the publication of those sections without citing the reference, is against academic ethics and can be subsequently prosecuted.
  • Cosmointel website reserves the right to make changes at any time and to any extent in the above items. The Journal policies are regularly updated on the website. If you have questions, please contact the Journal: [email protected].

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