About the Journal

The Scientific Journal of Cosmointel (ISSN 2817-6995) was established by Mohammad Ali Taheri in 2022. It is an open-access, multidisciplinary journal that focuses on research related to T-Consciousness. The journal is published on a rolling basis to accommodate authors and allow for the flow of the large volume of written research that has been submitted and is becoming available for publication. Journal access is free to all users; registration will be available in the future to ensure receipt of updates on the publication of issues and news. The journal focuses on Sciencefact research results and is monitored by Cosmointel Inc.

The Journal of Cosmointel publishes scholarly articles from all fields of science, engineering, medicine, and social sciences that report experiments utilizing Taheri Consciousness Fields (TCFs). Given that Sciencefact focuses on researching the effects of TCFs that are new to the scientific world, the journal is not yet peer-reviewed in the traditional sense at this time (although, the journal articles currently do undergo a rigorous review process by the Cosmointel Committee of Scientific Researchers and Editors). It is our hope that this journal will expand far-reaching interest in the nature and function of TCFs and over time develop a broad base of trained and experienced researchers that will enable a more traditional peer-review process in the future. Cosmointel Inc. is the main monitoring center for Taheri Consciousness Fields studies based exclusively on Sciencefact principles. For more information, please visit www.comsointel.com .

Mohammad Ali Taheri is a scholar, visionary thinker, and innovator known for his numerous theoretical concepts, including Cosmic Consciousness Network (CCN) and Taheri Consciousness Fields (TCFs) with over 40 years of history. T-Consciousness is introduced and defined as one of the constituent components of the Cosmos in addition to matter and energy, from which TCFs, as non-material/non-energetic fields, are derived. TCFs are unique qualitative fields that are immaterial in nature but have a direct effect on matter and energy, including humans, animals, plants, microorganisms, molecules, cells, and particles. As far as the practical application of T-Consciousness is concerned, two complementary medicines of Faradarmani and Psymentology have been introduced and put into practice.

In 2020, Mohammad Ali Taheri introduced Sciencefact, that utilizes science as a means to demonstrate and record the effects of TCFs. Although science studies matter and energy alone, Sciencefact and science do share a common ground which is reproducible laboratory experiments that involve matter and energy. What distinguishes Sciencefact from science is the investigation and utilization of CCN through the application of the TCFs.

Established and managed by Mohammad Ali Taheri in 2022, the Journal of Cosmointel is an all-science journal that publishes original research on TCFs. As a scientific journal, all types of scientific research that adhere to ethical guidelines and publishing standards of Cosmointel Journal and T-Consciousness research protocol are eligible for publication. Cosmointel establishes the guidelines for conducting scientific research on TCFs and publishes the results in its journal spanning various disciplines, including biology, T-Consciousness biology, physics, engineering, material science, medicine, neurosciences, psychology, etc.

From Taheri's point of view, T-Consciousness is neither matter nor energy. But, rather, matter and energy both arise from "T-Consciousness" and, when necessary, they are capable of converting back to "T-Consciousness" and vice versa. T-Consciousness operates through TCFs that can alter the Mind-of-Matter, which has recently been proven to exist by Sciencefact experiments. The results of these experiments demonstrate that TCFs are capable of rewriting a new Matter-Memory [for the Mind-of-Matter]. Depending on the different types of TCFs, different types of Matter-Memory and different types of programs are formed.

According to these experiments, matter records information in itself through no physical or chemical process. This is the very first time that such a phenomenon is demonstrated in the history of consciousness.

Taheri Consciousness is composed of contrasting subsets that include T-Consciousness and Anti T-Consciousness which are being introduced for the first time in the history of this subject.

It also consists of categories and functions such as Constant T-Consciousness and Variable T-Consciousness. It is important to note that the theories of T-Consciousness Bond, General Connection of Particles, T-Consciousness Charge, Communal-Mind, and T-Consciousness Aided Conception, among many others that have been proposed for the very first time, have been subjected to various field research and laboratory experiments for the past several decades. Within the experience of Communal-Mind and T-Consciousness Aided Conception, the theory of T-Consciousness Aided Information Transfer has also been proposed.

As the above theoretical concepts elucidate, and according to the teachings of the school of Erfan Keyhani Halqeh, consciousness in Taheri's view (T-Consciousness) is entirely different from any and all views that, to this day, have been proposed about the concept of consciousness. Hence, it is for the purpose of differentiating between consciousness in Taheri’s view and all other views presented throughout history that we call this theory by the specific term of Taheri’s Consciousness Theory (T-Consciousness).